Plataforma Mais Algarve launches «a necessary debate» on the construction of the desalination plant

Several speakers were invited, but the public will also be given the opportunity to speak

Plataforma Mais Algarve will promote a critical public session, where it will launch the «necessary debate» on the construction of a desalination plant in the Algarve, on June 15th, at 17 pm, in the auditorium of the Centro Autárquico de Quarteira.

The initiative will feature interventions by Cláudia Sil, a CCMAR researcher and representatives from the University of Algarve, PAS-Plataforma Água Sustentável and Quarpesca -Associação dos Shipowners and Fishermen of Quarteira. In addition to the guest speakers, «the debate will be open to the expression of opinions, comments and questions from participants in the session», according to the organizers.

Despite admitting that the «water issue is crucial in the Algarve», Plataforma Mais Algarve questions the relevance of building a desalination plant.

«Many understand that these millions of investments are not justified and many also believe that the resulting environmental and social impacts are more harmful than the supposed benefits arising» from the construction.

Plataforma Mais Algarve is an autonomous group of members, former members of the Bloco de Esquerda and other left-wing activists, «with the militant desire to renew and revive political activity in the region».