Pista das Açoteias opens to single-wheel skateboards

On the 15th, between 15pm and 00pm

Pista das Açoteias, in Albufeira, will be open this Saturday, June 15th, from 15pm to 00pm, to welcome “Onewheel”, a single-wheeled electric skateboard.

«The issue is self-balance, allowing an experience that combines adrenaline with intuition, fun and respect for the environment. More than a hundred practitioners of the sport are expected”, says the municipality.

Despite being new, there are those who are already winning distinctions in Onewheel championships.

For the first time in Albufeira, the sport will be open to the curiosity of all those who go to the Pista de Corta Mato das Açoteias.

Around a hundred practitioners from all over the country are expected to attend, but residents will also be able to try out their own self-balancing system.

«This is an electric, sustainable and suitable modality for all ages, so the afternoon of the 15th could be an excellent family moment», says the municipality.

The initiative is from the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água, with the support of the Municipality of Albufeira, with the aim of diversifying the sports practiced in the municipality, now that it is already an official candidate for European City of Sports.