The Walker spent the night in the hospital

When The Walker speaks, they never understand it at first…why is that?

T4: E5 – São João da Madeira>>Grijó

I spent the night in the hospital. The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de São João da Madeira has a hospital complex that includes a seniors center, a UCCI and a space reserved for pilgrims, for a small contribution.

So, I spent the night in a dormitory with nine bunk beds and three pilgrims: me, a Mexican woman who lives in the United States and an Italian woman with Asian features who, as soon as she arrived, was doing a half-hour Pilates session. As Santa Casa had a curfew until nine at night, I slept from ten until five which was a treat.



Today was the first time I changed my clothes, but only because, this time, I didn't have the chance to wash them. The washing system has already been tested and works. You place your clothes on the floor while you take a shower, step on them and turn them with your feet, spin them around and hang them up to dry wherever they go. Socks are more complicated to dry, but you hang them in your backpack and dry along the way.

Out of deference to my bottle, I have always worn the only decent sock I brought, so today I have a different sock on each foot.

Apart from a bit of Roman road that is still relatively intact, the Route is all through urban areas and the ever-present EN1, which I am so used to that I now treat it as you.

But it is macabre to see, from time to time, crosses at its edge, remembering those who lost their lives there. Coincidence or not, I passed by a huge company whose business was the manufacture of tombstones and tombs, with delivery throughout the country.




I was very sorry that Escapães kindergarten was closed, because they usually invite pilgrims to come in and the kids do a kind of welcome choreography and ask lots of questions... But today wasn't a school day. My bad luck.

As I work very early, I often meet the rubbish collection staff, but today was the first time I saw the corner workers who hang in the back of the truck wearing helmets. Which didn't stop them from saying an enthusiastic goodbye to me.

More or less halfway, I found, in a glass box, a Our Lady of Fátima with St. James. So far everything was normal, but what I didn't expect was that, as I approached, I heard a female voice say: “Hello, welcome!”. This electronics thing is a scam.

I bought a handful of cherries from a truck on the side of the road. When he saw that he was Portuguese, he was surprised, because normally they are foreigners. I had already seen a pilgrim from Malaysia, but I was the first from the Algarve. The eyes had eaten more than the belly, so when I found the Mexican woman, I offered her half of the cherries.



Today's winner of the gardens is one with organized chaos, which had everything from fishing trophies to all types of animals, all under the high patronage of the Portuguese flag.

The Path is well marked, just follow the yellow arrows, but I wasn't expecting to see one on the first floor.



Today it was only 19 kilometers. But I'm a bit traumatized, people never understand what I say the first time... I always have to repeat it.


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