Adega de Odeceixe Museum reopens to the public tomorrow

Museumization project dates back to 1992

The Adega de Odeceixe Museum will reopen to the public this Thursday, June 20th.

The building and the exhibition were completely renovated to host a center of memories that combines tradition with contemporaneity, through projections, interactions and multisensory experiences that will allow visitors a better interpretation of this ancient art.

Furthermore, the space of memory in the art of good winemaking presents itself as a place of inclusive and autonomous visitation.

This will be, so far, the only museum in the municipality with these characteristics that allow, through new technologies, to create a completely autonomous view of the space.

After in-depth interventions, this new museum project, dating from 1992, opens tomorrow at 15:30 pm, on Rua da Estrada Nacional.