Prof died. Herrero

He was an illusionist, hypnotist, fakir, writer, parapsychologist, poet, columnist in several newspapers and magazines.

The magician Prof. Herrero died today, June 12, at the hospital in Faro, at 70 years of age.

Known by the Portuguese and by many foreigners who watched and participated in his shows, Prof. Herrero was considered «a great reference and unavoidable figure in the panorama» of Portuguese magic, with a «remarkable journey» in the world of shows.

A multifaceted and versatile artist, Prof. Herrero, alias Dagoberto Cabrita Campos, who was born in Silves, but had lived in Lagoa for decades, was an illusionist, hypnotist, fakir, writer, parapsychologist, poet, columnist in several newspapers and magazines.

For several years he maintained a regular column in the weekly Barlavento, where he demystified those who wanted to take advantage of people's superstition and beliefs.

Throughout his 55-year career, he has had almost 300 appearances on television programs in Portugal, Spain and Germany.

He became known nationally when he participated, on several occasions, in Herman José's programs on television and radio. In fact, it was Herman José who convinced him to take on his bald head, live, on a television program.


The Prof. Herrero with Rosy, that is, Rosinda, his wife and longtime partner


In the 90s, he created the “Dinners of the 13th”, where, with tables for 13 people, entrance under stairs, black cats, people fought in a cheerful way against superstitions, demystifying “charlatans, miracle workers, prophets, witches, seers, haunted houses".

In September 2021, Prof. Herrero was honored by the Lagoa Chamber during the International Magic Festival, which took place at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium.

This was, in the view of Paulo Cabrita, organizer of the festival, «a well-deserved tribute» to an artist who was «the great reference of Portuguese illusionism».


The Prof. Herrero, before assuming his bald head


On May 13, 2022, on the only Friday the 13th of that year, Prof. Herrero celebrated his 55 years of career, with a tribute dinner with around two hundred guests, promoted by the Municipality of Lagoa and Paulo Cabrita, who is also an illusionist and was his cousin.

From Prof.'s CV. Herrero, it is also worth highlighting the series of awards he has accumulated, among others, the Personality of the Year award which he received twice in a row, the Career Award, from Loulé City Council, and “Sons e Vozes”, Originalidade: Fakirismo. Prof Herrero had the status of “Most versatile in the world”, awarded by the Guinness Book of Records.

He wrote the following books: «The Dead Don't Speak», «Um Shit in the Tola», «The Masochist», «Faquirismo e Vida» and «Course of Hypnotism».

There is still no information about the wake or funeral services for Dagoberto Cabrita Campos.




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