Half of the Detailed Plan area in Pechão will be used for public housing

The area transferred to the municipality has a construction capacity of 50 thousand square meters,

António Miguel Pina, mayor of Olhão, recently signed the contract for planning the future João de Ourém Detailed Plan (PPJO), in the parish of Pechão, which includes the transfer of 20 hectares of land to the Municipality, half of which will be allocated to public housing. 

The area transferred to the municipality has a construction capacity of 50 thousand square meters, covering around 400 homes that the Municipality will build in the coming years.

The leased space will also include seven hectares for a sports area with various facilities (football, basketball, handball and padel fields) and three hectares for teaching or social equipment.

The land, which is privately owned, has a total area of ​​64 hectares. The remaining 44 hectares will be used for the owner company to develop a real estate project on the site.

The planning contract now signed also defines that the owner of these lands will have the obligation to develop, in close coordination with the municipality, a PPJO proposal, which must be completed within 16 months.



By signing this document, the company that owns the land also undertakes to respect the remaining applicable territorial management instruments, namely the Regional Spatial Planning Plan of the Algarve and the strategic objectives of the Municipality.

Within three months, the company will submit for approval to the Municipality the composition of the team that will prepare the technical and legal proposal for the PPJO, which will work in conjunction with municipal technicians.

«This proposal is of clear municipal interest, as it constitutes an important contribution from the private sector to the development of one of the fundamental objectives of our urban policy, promoting a more rigorous urban and environmental insertion of future land occupations», said the President of the Municipality António Miguel Pina, during the signing of the contract, which also served for the Municipal Executive to learn about the details of the space targeted by the contract.