Marcelo will have the same “common front in the face of problems” with the new Government that he had with the previous one

Statements today in Vila Franca de Xira

The President of the Republic defended today that he should have the same predisposition with the new Government as he had with the previous one for "a common front in the face of national problems", considering it "preferable" if it is possible to have the State Budget approved.

«I think I also have an obligation, if there are important problems or important decisions, even if for a shorter period of time and in a less intense way, to have the same predisposition towards the new Prime Minister and the new Government. For less time because the mandate is closer to the end", replied Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on the sidelines of the opening of an exhibition in Vila Franca de Xira when asked by journalists if this is a new phase of cohabitation with the Government of Luís Montenegro.

The President of the Republic recalled how in recent years, and «sometimes displeasing» his political area, he understood that it was essential «at crucial moments, to be alongside the Prime Minister and the previous Government», referring to António Costa and to the “financial crisis, banking crisis, fires or pandemic”.

For Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, «in crucial moments» solidarity means the President of the Republic «being together, in many moments with the parliament, but in others with the prime minister and the Government, in what is a common front in the face of national problems ».

«There is no doubt that we are facing fundamental issues for the country. For me the most important thing is, in addition to those arising from the war in Ukraine and that is why I called for a State Council as soon as the new members were elected, but the problem of the PRR because we all have the notion that it is a race against the time", he explained.

Asked whether the approval of the State Budget for 2025 was one of these issues, the President of the Republic stated that this is “another reality”.

"It is clear that if it is possible to have political stability and economic and financial stability and therefore make the State Budget viable, I think we are all in agreement that if this is possible it is preferable", he insisted.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa admitted that he sees this possibility, but stressed that this “depends on the parties”.

«Knowing the experience of the past, it is good that this is present precisely because we are in a worse international situation, because we are behind on the PRR, because we have very urgent economic and financial challenges ahead of us, if it is possible to make the budget viable, the better», he emphasized .