Luís Montenegro defends strengthening the “diversification of the tourism sector” in Portugal

«We are no longer a country just looking for the sun and the beach», he said

Photo: José Sena Goulão / Lusa

The Prime Minister considered this Friday, June 21st, that Portugal should pursue a “tourism sector diversification strategy”, defending, in this context, “complementarity between the public and private sectors”.

«We are no longer a country just looking for the sun and the beach. We have been fighting against the seasonality of our tourism and we must continue to take advantage of all the natural, heritage, religious potential and various economic activities of our country», said the official.

Luís Montenegro shared this idea in a speech given at the inauguration of a hotel in Vila do Conde, which resulted in the conversion of the former Santa Clara monastery into a five-star unit, through an investment of 19 million euros, under the Revive program, designed to value and recover unused State heritage.

«This process was only possible through interaction and complementarity between the public and private sectors. This is a building with historical heritage, but which the State, on its own, was not capable of preserving and valuing. The fact that there was a confluence and diligence between public and private entities, resulted in a bold and risky investment, but one that will give economic visibility to Vila do Conde and the North of Portugal», added the Prime Minister.

The government official said it was “very comforting to look ahead to 2023, with 30 million guests in Portugal, 70 million overnight stays and 23 billion euros in revenue activity generated by Tourism.”