Loulé rehabilitates seven more buildings for public housing

The total investment in the seven properties is around 1,4 million euros

Loulé City Council will rehabilitate seven more buildings for public housing, on Rua de São Paulo, in the historic center of the city of Loulé. The investment will be around 1,4 million euros. 

The contract was signed this Tuesday, June 11, between the municipality and the IHRU – Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, with the presence of ministers Miguel Pinto Luz, of Infrastructure and Housing, and Castro Almeida, Deputy and Cohesion Territorial.

The intervention will be carried out in the building located on Rua de São Paulo, located on a plot of land measuring 353,01 square meters.

«The property is in a poor state of conservation, so the work will focus on the structural level, on the facades, coverings and interior floors, as well as on the renovation of the water, sewage, electricity and telecommunications infrastructures, which are obsolete» , says the Loulé Chamber.

The total investment in the seven properties is around 1,4 million euros, with financing of 429.922,65 euros.

Three dwellings approved by the PRR are intended for supported rental and the remaining four for affordable rental.

Since the building is located in the Historic Zone, this rehabilitation will allow us to restore this architectural heritage from the end of the 19th century, recover public space, enhance the memory of the city and, at the same time, attract new families to this noble area, in addition to respond to existing housing needs.

This is another of the initiatives of the local Housing Strategy that has been materializing in leaps and bounds since 2019. To date, the Municipality has submitted 21 applications to the IHRU – Institute of Housing and Urban Rehabilitation, allowing 186 new dwellings to be approved, between constructions, rehabilitations and acquisitions, in a total municipal investment of around 33 million euros. Of these, 18 are already contracted, corresponding to a financing value of 17.175.746,35 euros.

Awaiting approval and financing contract are three applications, which represent an investment of close to 14 million euros, which include the acquisition of 63 dwellings resulting from market consultation and the rehabilitation of three dwellings on Rua Miguel Bombarda.