Lagoa begins Phase V of the implementation of LED lighting in the city

Work aims to reduce consumption and contribute to a more sustainable municipality

Last week, the Municipality of Lagoa began Phase V of replacing traditional mercury vapor, sodium vapor and metal halide lamps with LED technology, in a total investment of around 150 thousand euros.

This work, according to the municipality, has the «major objective of reducing consumption and thus contributing to an increasingly sustainable municipality, economically and environmentally».

The intervention will cover part of Estrada Nacional 125, the Lagoa Municipal Fair and Exhibition Park area, the Lagoa Industrial area, areas of Alagoas Brancas, Covas da Areia Urbanization and surrounding areas.

According to the Chamber of Lagoa, the municipality “will begin, in a few weeks, Phase IV – Ferragudo, in the urban area of ​​the town, and Phase IV – Estômbar Parchal, namely in the Mexilhoeira da Carregação area, in a total investment of around 750 thousand euros”.

«Lagoa has been making, over the last few years, a large investment in the rehabilitation of public lighting, in different areas of the municipality, allowing, among various environmental benefits, to increase savings in public lighting», highlights the municipality.

«In addition to the environmental benefits and savings on public lighting, the new luminaires are equipped with a regulation system that allows public lighting to dim during the night, by reducing power, also reducing consumption», he adds .

The municipality of Lagoa «is preparing, with great strides, to reach 50% of the total coverage of the municipality with LED lighting, in line with the implementation strategy of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely with the 7th and 12th SDGs which propose “Ensuring access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources for all”, as well as “Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns”, highlights the municipality.

«This is an investment with little visibility and that the population often takes for granted, but it is fundamental for the sustainability of the planet and for guaranteeing natural resources for future generations. We will continue to work to obtain a municipality fully covered with environmentally friendly technology”, guarantees Luís Encarnação, president of Lagoa City Council.