75-year-old Englishman saved on the beach of Cabanas de Tavira Island

Man had to be resuscitated

A 75-year-old man, of English nationality, was saved on the afternoon of this Friday, June 21st, after going into cardiorespiratory arrest in the water on the beach of Ilha de Cabanas de Tavira.

The National Maritime Authority received an alert from the lifeguard coordinator of Cabanas de Tavira, reporting the presence of a person lying prone in the water.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Port Authority and local Command of the Tavira Maritime Police, crew members from the Tavira Lifeguard Station, members of the “Seawatch” Project and elements of the Tavira Municipal Firefighters found that the lifeguards from the bathing units de Cabanas had already removed the man from the water and immediately began resuscitation maneuvers.

After several attempts, it was possible to resuscitate the victim, with members of the “SeaWatch” Project transporting the man, using a quad bike, to the pier on Cabanas Island, from where he was then transported by boat to the local pier. de Cabanas, where the Tavira Municipal Firefighters were waiting and transported him to a hospital unit.

The local command of the Tavira Maritime Police guaranteed the security of the area and took charge of the incident.