Igreja das Ondas and Compromisso Marítimo already belong to the Municipality and all Tavirenses

Signing of the building transfer notice took place this Wednesday, June 12th

Photo: Beatriz Bento | Sul Informação

«Giving back to the people of Tavira a space that ends up being theirs» was one of the main objectives of the Tavira Chamber, when it showed interest in keeping the Church of São Pedro Gonçalves Telmo, better known as the Church of Nossa Senhora das Ondas, and with the Compromisso Marítimo building, where the Parish Council currently operates. 

«The State Budget provided for the transfer of this heritage from the Casas do Compromisso and Casas de Povo to the local authorities. The Municipality, given the investment it had already made in the two spaces, expressed its desire to keep the property and today the Social Security Financial Management Institute formalizes this transfer notice to the municipality, but above all to our community", he said Ana Paula Martins, president of Tavira, at the Sul Informação. 

The signing of the property transfer notice took place this Wednesday, June 12th, in the presence of the Secretary of State for Social Security.

In the words of Ana Paula Martins, this «is a very happy day for Tavira, in a process that began many years ago and that only today saw its completion».

«Through the other protocol, we we had already rehabilitated this heritage and it was already here for everyone's use, but it's always important that we formalize ownership because, perhaps, the population didn't feel that way", continues the mayor.


Photo: Beatriz Bento | Sul Informação


Ao Sul Informação, the mayor recalls that both the Church of São Pedro Gonçalves Telmo, and the Edifício do Compromisso Marítimo, were “suffering the normal degradation of time” and it was in 2008 or 2009, during the mandate of Macário Correia, that a protocol was signed for the rehabilitate.

«It didn't make sense, after all the investment that the Chamber made, in excess of one million euros, for us to hand over the spaces to Social Security. So, since then we have been expressing the desire for them to return to the Municipality and return to the people, with an obviously public function».

Asked whether now, with this formalization, the municipality has more initiatives planned for the Church, Ana Paula Martins says that it is a possibility to “intensify”, but the objective is to continue with the work already done.

«Here we already do some initiatives, usually at the time of the celebrations, but we also take the opportunity to do some shows, namely “Fado com História”. But I think the most important thing of all is for the Municipality to keep the space open for visits, as it maintains all the churches that it owns», reinforces the mayor.

Ana Paula Martins recalls that, when she arrived at Tavira City Council, «the city of churches had all the churches closed», something that does not happen now.


Photos: Beatriz Bento | Sul Informação


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