Silves Church of Misericórdia receives exhibition “Other Worlds and Kalasha” by Ana Abrão

The exhibition “Outros Mundos e Kalasha” appeared after the launch of his two books

Portuguese-Brazilian photographer Ana Abrão will show her “Outros Mundos e Kalasha”, in an exhibition that opens on July 5th, at 18pm, at Igreja da Misericórdia, in Silves. The artist will be present at the opening.

«This is a unique opportunity to explore human diversity and beauty through the lens of the talented photographer and explorer, Ana Abrão», highlights Câmara Silvense.

Ana Abrão, with her sensitive and curious gaze, travels the world capturing the essence of people and their traditions. The exhibition “Other Worlds and Kalasha” appeared after the launch of her two books. The first, “Other Worlds”, is the result of a year of immersion in Asian culture, while “Kalasha” reveals the daily life of the Kalash, a polytheistic community in the mountains of northern Pakistan.

The exhibition includes photographs of books and other works, grouped by specific cultural and ethnic themes, providing an enriching and educational visual experience. This event is a celebration of human diversity and an invitation to reflect on the complexity of societies and cultures that make up the world.

The “Other Worlds and Kalasha” exhibition can be visited until December 31st.


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