Lagoa Misericórdia Church is the stage for the Algarve Wind Festival

Two concerts with free entry

The Igreja da Misericórdia, in Lagoa, will host the second edition of the Algarve Wind Festival, with concerts scheduled for 17pm, on the 00th and 16rd of June.

Organized by the cultural association Ideias do Levante, in partnership with the Municipality and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagoa, the festival aims to promote religious artistic heritage and raise awareness of instruments, religious spaces, artists and works by Portuguese and foreign composers.

According to Roberto Estorninho, president of the board of directors of Ideias do Levante, “this second edition will promote an exchange between institutions, artists/musicians and the public, which will certainly value people, spaces and places”.

For this event, which takes place in a church dedicated to worship, there is no entry control using tickets, with entry being free and permitted until the existing seating spaces are filled.

Despite being a free event, any donations will be welcome to help Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagoa.



June 16th, 17:00pm
Misericórdia Church of Lagoa

Jan-Taken de Vries (recorder)
Seibas Gamboa (cello)

June 23th, 17:00pm
Misericórdia Church of Lagoa

Salomé Matias (transverse flute)
Tiago Santos (clarinet)
Martyn Cavett (Native American Flute)