Government assures that it will “work intensely” to achieve full execution of the PRR

European Commission approved preliminary decision to release 714 million euros in funds related to Portugal's PRR

Deputy Minister and Territorial Cohesion Castro Almeida – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

The Government assured today that it will “work intensely” to achieve the full implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR) in 2026, after Brussels announced the release of 714 million euros.

The European Commission today approved a preliminary decision to release 714 million euros in funds relating to Portugal's PRR, suspended due to pending reforms, which have since been completed “satisfactorily”.

In a statement released today, the community executive then reports on its “positive preliminary assessment to lift the suspension of payment of 714 million euros to Portugal”, this “after recognizing the progress made in the implementation” of the Portuguese PRR.

“We are now focused on the next stage – the 5th payment request that will be submitted in July – and we will continue to work intensely so that in 2026 we can say that Portugal has fully executed the largest package of funds the country has ever received”, he stated, in a statement, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Castro Almeida.

The government official also highlighted that the PRR is a unique opportunity that cannot be wasted.

In the same note, the Government stated that the lifting of the suspension took place after the submission of the request made on June 11, after reaching the goal “relating to the completion of the process of decentralization of health competences to the municipalities”.

Last week, the community executive had told Lusa that he expected to finalize this month the analysis of Portugal's request for the disbursement of the third and fourth PRR payments, currently suspended, pending a new request for funds by the country in the summer.

The PRR, which has an execution period until 2026, intends to implement a set of reforms and investments with a view to recovering economic growth.

In addition to having the objective of repairing the damage caused by covid-19, this plan aims to support investments and generate jobs.