MED Festival wants to be a butt-free event

During the event, festival-goers will receive pocket-sized eco-ashtrays

The MED Festival, which runs from the 27th to the 30th of June, aims to be a butt-free event.

Even before the doors of the event open, on the 25th of June, from 9:30 am, at the door of the Loulé Municipal Market, a cleaning action promoted by Rede Biataki begins throughout the area of ​​the Historic Zone, where the MED Festival takes place. .

The idea is to clean all the butts that are on the floor so that, when the MED starts, the area is completely free of these residues.

Those interested in participating in the activity can register here

During the event, festival-goers will receive pocket-sized eco-ashtrays, made from dry common cane and reused cork stoppers.

Throughout the Festival grounds there will also be equipment upcycling for selective collection/storage of cigarette butts.

​This is yet another environmental initiative that the MED Festival organization introduces with the aim of reducing the green footprint in this event that is essentially concerned with the Planet.