European: More than half of voters chose to vote on mobility

10,8 million voters were registered and the abstention rate recorded on Sunday was 63%

More than half of the voters who voted in the European elections chose to do so outside their usual polling station, according to provisional data provided to Lusa today by the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI).

«In the election for the European Parliament last Sunday, 3.948.530 voters registered (36,6% of those registered), with 2.220.917 (56,2% of voters) opting to exercise their vote in the mobility modality and 1.727.613. XNUMX chose to vote at their registration table", says MAI, in response to Lusa.

The values ​​include early mobility votes and all voters who did not exercise their right at the table where they were registered, said the same source.

The numbers advanced are still provisional and are being updated based on voting abroad, with some consulates still remaining to be determined.

For the first time, and because the European election was a single constituency, it was possible to vote at any polling station in the country or abroad, simply by presenting a civil identification document. The operation required the dematerialization of electoral rolls.

The MAI does not yet have data on mobility voting by geographic distribution and referred to what is provided for in the law that created this exceptional regime, that is, the National Elections Commission (CNE) will be the one to prepare the report on mobility voting. within three months.

The same law provides that the MAI general secretariat will contract an audit to assess the robustness, security and reliability of the dematerialized electoral register system and will send the results to the Government, parliament and CNE, within six months after the election.

The elections for the European Parliament took place on Sunday, June 10th, to elect 21 Portuguese deputies.

10,8 million voters were registered and the abstention rate recorded on Sunday was 63%, according to provisional data.