Premiere of “Deixa Arder” sparked debate on fires and land management

This Saturday

"Let it burn”, a short documentary film that appears as a starting point for debate and reflection on fires and sustainable management of the territory, was presented this Saturday, June 15th, in Tavira.

The short film with content production and direction by Ângela Rosa is directed by Henrique Mestre and features music by Silvino Campos, art and poster design by Ana Isabel Santos, press release and synopsis writing by Carla Sofia Ferreira and Ana Isabel Santos, operational support from Lívia Viana, Rosa Guedes, Inês Mesquita, Luís Ojalvo and Maria Gomes.

“Deixa Arder” stars Rui Horta, Manuel Rodrigues, Ivo – Pastor, Eduardo Fernandes, Manuel Romeira and Luís Rocheta.

The short film also has the collaboration of the Clube de Caçadores da Corte António Martins, Clube de Caçadores dos Castelos and ANCCRAL – National Association of Goat Breeders of the Algarve Breed.

The presentation of the short documentary film was followed by the citizenship forum within the scope of the 'Activar Abril' project and a round table panel, under the title 'The Scourge of Fires: Challenges of Territorial Management'.

Alongside moderator Susana Helena de Sousa, author of the project 'Walls: We imagine the Euroregion Alentejo, Algarve, Andalusia', speakers Vítor Vaz Pinto, Regional Emergency and Civil Protection commander of the Algarve, Alexandre Cardigos, Civil Protection coordinator, were present. from Vila Real de Santo António, Sónia Pires, councilor for the Environment at Tavira City Council, António Miranda, Deputy Regional Director of ICNF Algarve, Hugo Garrido Machado, commander of the Tavira Municipal Fire Department, Miguel Mota e Costa, representative of CCDR Algarve – Agriculture and Fisheries and David Santos representing the Commander of the Territorial Detachment of the GNR of Tavira.

The public was invited to intervene at the end of the panel and ask questions to the guests.

The event was organized by the Ecotopia Activa Association and was part of the 'EQUINÓCIOS' program of the Municipality of Tavira.