Nurses denounce the closure of Pediatrics and Maternity in Portimão without the SNS portal mentioning it

There has been no information for CODU and SNS 24 regarding pregnant women being referred to the hospital in Faro

The Portimão hospital has had «services closed for almost a week, without the transparency portal mentioning it», reported this Monday the regional directorate of Faro of the Portuguese Nurses Union.

According to the SEP, during Pediatrics hospitalization, “the children were transferred to the hospital in Faro between the 19th and 20th of June», the Delivery Room has been «closed since 21pm on the 18th of June», while the Portimão Pediatric Emergency Room is open, but without pediatricians.

Now, the nurses report, «when consulting the SNS Transparency Portal – SNS emergency schedules, we found that the pediatric emergency room and the birthing unit at the Portimão hospital are open. But the reality is as described above».

Furthermore, «contrary to what was mentioned by the Minister of Health, there has been no information for CODU and SNS 24 regarding pregnant women being referred to the hospital Faro, with these continuing to be referred and/or resorted to the hospital in Portimão».

The Union adds that «medical rosters are not always known to the nurses of some of those services», while, «most of the time, information about the closure of services is made “at the last minute”, forcing a reorganization of nurses in order to transfer children, pregnant women and postpartum women admitted to the hospital Faro».

The Union considers, for all of this, that «the silence of the administration of the Local Health Unit and the Algarve mayors», in view of «the situation of absence, for prolonged periods, of pediatricians, which determines the closure of these services, is deafening». That's why they ask “who cares” about this situation?

Concluding its statement, the Portuguese Nurses Union highlights that, «to the requests for a meeting addressed to the ULS administration to discuss the ULS Regulation, the supposed Plan for creating the Algarve Local Health System, we add one more». They will also ask for meetings with AMAL, all the mayors of the Barlavento Algarvio and, finally, the nurse director of the ULS.

O Sul Informação contacted the Algarve Local Health Unit yesterday asking for clarification on this complaint made by nurses, but so far no response has been received.