And Porto so close

Today the Walker talks about friends who may never see each other again

T4: E6 – Grijó>>Porto

I was doing very well in the Algarve, chatting with my friends when, suddenly, I remembered: “Hey man, I have to go do the Camino!!! And now??!!". At this point, I woke up suddenly, distressed by the dream, and nailed another (of several) headbutts to the top bunk.

But I still haven't told you about the adventures of the rest of yesterday, at the Albergue de Grijó, an old house that was donated to the Brotherhood of Santiago. The host was very communicative and we had a long conversation about the difficulties of maintaining the hostel and the necessary works it needs.



There were three rooms, occupied by the pilgrims who arrived first, and a large dormitory, where three Italians, aged around fifty, stayed. In fact, the hostel's biggest customers are Italians.

In the middle of the conversation, an Argentinean appeared offering mate, served in a small mug with two handles and drunk through a metal straw with holes in it to prevent the herbs from entering. I like these experiences and, as I drank, I heard him talking enthusiastically about the preparation method and the solemn warning that you CANNOT stir it, as you do with tea. The taste is strange, but it's drinkable.



The young people, around thirty, plus me, like a grandfather, decided to go out for dinner. So we had a Brazilian from Ribeirão Preto, the Mexican that I'm getting to know, who lives in Dallas, Texas, and the Argentinian, who lives in Barcelona.

In this group, there were those who had already done one Camino, those who had done two and the Argentinean had already done three. One of the impressions we got is that there are very few pilgrims on the route, but even so the women, who go alone, feel that there is no danger. To one of them, some ladies told her to stop to offer her bread.

And they already have everything arranged so that, when they arrive in Santiago de Compostela, their husbands and children will be waiting there.



Not the Argentinean, he is a free spirit who enjoys adventure, and is not even interested in football (he was playing for the European Championship). Thus, Ronaldo had a crushing victory.

The Brazilian dream of going to Everest and has already been training with a mask that simulates the conditions of lack of air at altitude. Therefore, she says that, if she manages to go, she will stay at base camp.

It was a good dinner with “old” friends who will probably never meet again. The conversation was all in Portuguese and Spanish, but when someone asked which was the most difficult to understand, everyone looked at me...



Contrary to what I expected, today's stage was actually pleasant for most of the time, with the rain making an appearance. It was a waterproof put on, waterproof off, made fun of by the Argentine who commented that we had to have positive thinking, it was just water, imagine if it was acid. But, for someone from the Algarve, half a dozen raindrops are already disturbing.

As far as the gardens are concerned, today we had a minimalist design of a mushroom development, but there were other options.



Meanwhile, in Canelas my friend EN1 appeared again. Already in Gaia, on Avenida da República, full of movement, I hear a “good way” shouted from a car that was passing by.

If you think there are a lot of tourists in the Algarve, you should come to Porto and see what it's like. On the D. Luís bridge, it was barely possible to break through, everywhere there were tuk tuks, foreign languages, guided tours, a terrible mess. And, if it weren't for app, I would never be able to reach the Albergue, where I was number 4 in a line with more than a score of pilgrims.



Today it was 22,5 kilometers because I had to take a detour to a sporting goods store because I thought I had some socks that weren't any good. When I got there, they advised me precisely those things. Either way, I bought different ones.



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