Duo who stole from vehicles arrested in Lagos

Stolen items were recovered

Two men were arrested this Thursday, the 13th, by the GNR, in Lagos, for stealing vehicles.

The two men, aged 28 and 40, “are suspected of several thefts, both in vehicles and in caravans”.

After «several incidents involving vehicle thefts, in the Algarve and Costa Vicentina region», the GNR «remained attentive to this scourge», which occurred, «especially in bathing areas during the summer season».

This led the Guard, through the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Portimão, to make “a particular effort to prevent this type of crime, as well as to identify the suspects”.

This made it possible to locate and arrest these two men, from whose possession some of the stolen material was recovered, namely a camera with various equipment, computer equipment, electronic items, binoculars, five mobile phones and 420 euros. A vehicle was also seized.

The detainees will be present today, June 14th, at the Lagos Judicial Court, for the application of coercive measures.