Contempt with a sharp weapon and shooting leads to the arrest of a man in Faro

Contempts left two victims whose lives were not in danger

After disrespect with a sharp weapon and shooting, the PSP yesterday detained a suspect and identified two other men, suspected of having participated in this disorder that involved several individuals, in the city of Faro.

According to the PSP, the alert was received at 16pm yesterday. Upon arrival at the scene, the police found two victims, apparently suffering from stab wounds. The victims received hospital care, with no life-threatening injuries.

Moments later, a new call was received warning of a situation of gunshots on the public road.

«Several police resources were mobilized and, as a result of the quick response, they intercepted the suspect who allegedly fired the said weapon, and it was seized. No injuries resulted from these shots,” the PSP said in a statement.

Other suspects of being involved in the previous disorder were located nearby, one of whom was carrying a sharp weapon, for which he was arrested.

Given the use of a firearm, the Judiciary Police were called, who attended the scene and took over the remaining investigative steps.