From Coimbra to…ao Leitão, 26 km on foot along the Camino de Santiago

First episode of season 4 of Crónicas d'O Caminhante

T4-E1: Coimbra>>Sernadel

Here I am again. Returning to using the nomenclature of Netflix and the like, this is season 4 of the adventures of O Caminhante.

Recalling the previous ones, the first was from Sagres to Santiago do Cacém, the second from Santiago do Cacém to Vendas Novas, the third from Lisbon to Coimbra, and now it’s the first episode, from Coimbra to…

If you're reading this for the first time, remember that all the routes were done on foot and that's why it's there until... until my little legs (and my old age) let me, because the paths are long and you never know which way to go. that happens.



But, as a militant optimist that I am and using an expression that was fashionable in times gone by: “everything will be fine!”.

This trip has been planned since January, but I have had great difficulties with my schedule, because this retired life gives me no rest. So I had to give myself an ultimatum: it's now and that's it, I'm on my way.

I went by train to Coimbra, and the foreigners' reaction was curious when we passed the Pragal tunnel and started crossing the 25 de Abril bridge. It was all up in the air, enjoying the Tagus and Lisbon.

In Coimbra, when I walked around before going to bed, I was amazed at the number of Korean (new) and Japanese restaurants there were.



Now getting to the point, the walk this time is completely “solo”, from the beginning without friends or family, but, even at the beginning, one of the seven pilgrims I met today passed by – and not to mention those who were going in in the opposite direction, to Fátima. It's true, you are never alone on the Path.

In the early morning, everything was perfect: cloudy skies, cool weather, the Mondego looking like a mirror, lots of birds in the air. Even the roads were good.

On the wall of a viaduct, someone wrote the following sentence: ON THE WAY THERE IS NO AGE. It must have been an old man who wrote it, but there are differences. The seven pilgrims I met were representative of the human species: there were fat, thin, tall and short, men and women, Portuguese and foreigners. And everyone walking alone…

Meanwhile, I had fun admiring the many Sporting flags flying in private homes and the imaginative decorations in their gardens. Today we got a house that had a cannon on the lawn, with details of the bullet coming out of the barrel!!!

There was part of the Camino along EN 1, where a huge truck, a monster with a series of wheels, stopped to allow me to cross the road (I was touched!), but there were parts where not a soul was seen. In one of these, suddenly, I hear someone talking very loudly and a cyclist passing by me, all dressed up, who looked like he was reporting. I still heard him say “…and I just passed by a pilgrim…”.



In another register, in the Mala chapel, there was a sign warning that water was available, just by opening the side gate. I did this, it felt good and thanks to whoever came up with the idea.

Another thing, people who complain about parking in the Algarve should take into account that there even have to be parks for horses and sheep here.
Taking the phrase that was on the viaduct, I would have liked about twenty years less, as the sun had broken, it was hot as hell and after passing through Adémia, Trouxemil, Sargento Mor, Santa Luzia and Lendiosa I was already in my sights. in the piglet.



I passed through Mealhada and, for those of you who are jealous of your lunch photo, walk 26 kilometers and then you'll have another perspective. Attention: I have to say that, in nutritional terms and to compensate, I ate the whole lettuce and carrot salad, plus another fruit salad.



Tomorrow there is more…



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