Cineteatro de Tavira should open «in the last quarter of the year»

Works started in 2018

Photo: Beatriz Bento | Sul Informação

When does the Cineteatro António Pinheiro, in Tavira, open? “That’s the million-dollar question right now. Everyone really wants to know when it opens and that's what they ask me the most", admits Ana Paula Martins, mayor of Tavira, highlighting that, at the moment, everything points to the last quarter of the year.

For anyone passing by on Rua Dr. Marcelino Franco, the Cineteatro António Pinheiro appears to have been completed a long time ago: the facade is complete, you can't see any construction movements or any work on the outside, but inside, there are still many details to be taken care of.

«Right now, we are testing all equipment (HVAC, lights and sound). After these tests, which will still take some time, we have to finalize the space's self-protection measures, submit these measures for consideration by the Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and then the inspection must be carried out by their national team. Next, we will still have to have an inspection by the General Inspection of Cultural Activities», explains Ana Paula Martins.

Due to all these conditions, the mayor says that it is not possible to “give a forecast, because it is not dependent on us”, in addition to “the country stops in August and, therefore, none of these institutions, which are public, in they will give answers”.


Photo: Beatriz Bento | Sul Informação


Work on the Cineteatro António Pinheiro began in 2018 and, since then, there have been many expected opening dates, but the mayor recalls that, in all these years, there were limitations that prevented things from moving forward.

«Right at the beginning, we had a very long layoff, lasting around seven months, because of archaeology. Then there was the Covid pandemic, which seems like a long time ago, but brought many limitations that prevented the work from progressing, mainly because the contractors were from the Coimbra area. And we must also not forget the War in Ukraine, which brought a material problem», highlights the mayor.

«I realize that people have this anxiety and don't remember this anymore, because what we stick in our memory is always the most recent. But we expect to have news in the last quarter of the year», concludes Ana Paula Martins.



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