Council renews beach sand and gives new life to Fuzeta playground

Investment amounts to 350 thousand euros

Fuzeta-Mar beach began the bathing season with a renovated beach, thanks to an investment from Olhão City Council, which also invested in renovating the existing playground on the riverside of this fishing village.

The inauguration of the two interventions took place this week.

In the riverside area of ​​Fuzeta, there is now a modernized playground, which has «a large pirate ship, several swings, a seesaw and two animal-shaped springs», but also «an increased supply of shade», thanks to the shade sails that were placed there.

Fuzeta Mar beach, «has undergone the usual municipal maintenance and sand replacement, which will allow residents and visitors to enjoy this bathing area safely».

«These are improvements that, even without spending millions, make a difference in people's lives. Now, the children of Fuzeta have a playground with all the facilities for their games and Ilha da Fuzeta presents itself with exceptional conditions for everyone to make the most of this summer», illustrated António Miguel Pina, president of the Chamber.

These interventions cost the municipality around 350 thousand euros.