Lagos Chamber approves Strategic Plan for Youth

Education, employment and youth housing are some of the pillars of the document

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At the beginning of June, the Lagos City Council approved a Strategic Plan for Youth (PEJ), which has as its pillars «education and training, employment and entrepreneurship, health promotion/disease prevention and youth housing».

The document «which outlines local sectoral strategies for this area, to be implemented by 2027», was approved at a Chamber Meeting and will now be presented for consideration by the Municipal Assembly.

«The plan reflects the collection of a broad set of recommendations and proposals, obtained through a participatory process of consultation with young people in the municipality, technicians and other stakeholders with responsibilities in youth matters. In this process of building the PEJ, more than a hundred local actors and around 800 young people were involved, through a methodology that sought to increase the feeling of belonging and proximity between citizens and political agents in decision-making processes", describes the Lagos Chamber.

The final product “focuses on eight areas of public policy, organized by intervention axes and strategic objectives. The prioritization carried out by young people, through the answers given to the questionnaire, reveals that at the top of their concerns are the areas of “Education and Training”, to which were added “Employment and Entrepreneurship”, “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention ” and “Young Housing”».

In the first presentation of the Plan, held in March «and which was especially aimed at municipal bodies, partner entities consulted and young people who took an active part in the process», Sara Coelho, councilor for the area, explained that the municipality started this process because , despite the many initiatives aimed at young people already promoted by the municipality, «the need was felt to listen to youth regarding their real needs, interests, concerns, aspirations and proposals for measures and solutions, thus creating the framework for action more directed and appropriate».

On the same occasion, Hugo Pereira, president of the Lagos City Council, and Custódio Moreno, IPDJ's Algarve Regional Director, highlighted «the need to promote greater rapprochement with young people, listening to and working with youth, in a dynamic that equally involves other areas and entities, since youth policies are transversal», added the Chamber.

For the process of preparing the PEJ, the municipality had the support of the Dypall Network (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level), «an association for the development of citizen participation with demonstrated work and experience in this area».

Despite being in the formal approval phase, part of the actions included in the Strategic Plan for the Youth of Lagos are already being implemented, as is the case with the #DESCOBRE activity program, within the scope of which sessions of the MYPolis projects, Everyone Counts, BE CAREFUL+ and F@k your Exams.