Association of emergency medical technicians demands dismissal from the INEM Board of Directors

From ANTEM's perspective, «Portugal and the Portuguese deserve and can have a true emergency medical service»

The National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (ANTEM) defended this Saturday, June 22, the dismissal of the INEM Board of Directors and the constitution of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry to address the "successive failures" of the Integrated Medical Emergency System (SIEM ).

In a statement, ANTEM stated that the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM), chaired by Luís Meira, «has not met, for a long time, the conditions to lead the destinies of that public institute, safeguarding its mission, but , above all, safeguarding the health and lives of the Portuguese».

For the association representing emergency medical technicians, the INEM Board of Directors must resign, “with immediate effect”, to allow the Ministry of Health to “refound INEM”.

«The successive failures of the SIEM have been marking our days, failures that represent a threat to the health and lives of the Portuguese. The state this public service has reached is very evident, a service that is essential to the democratic rule of law, to the health and lives of the Portuguese”, reinforced the association.

ANTEM indicated that the situation was assumed by the president of INEM, Luís Meira, in a parliamentary hearing at the Health Commission, on June 4th.

On that day, the president of INEM admitted that the degradation of the service "is undeniable" and defended the need for a budget reinforcement, claiming that funds for the institute represent only 1% of health spending.

In parliament, Luís Meira assured that he is not “clinging to his position” as president of INEM and that, if the Minister of Health decides to dismiss him, he will leave his role “without any problem”.

The following day, on June 5th, also in a parliamentary hearing, the Minister of Health, Ana Paula Martins, said that she is studying changes in the leadership of INEM and considered it essential to refound this body.

«If there is something that needs to be refounded, it is INEM. It is an absolutely fundamental dimension in the health response capacity”, stated the minister, noting that she has already met several times with the president of the institute, Luís Meira, adding that the possibility of changes in management “is not against anyone, but in favor of from INEM».

From ANTEM's perspective, «Portugal and the Portuguese deserve and can have a true emergency medical service».

This association also defended the creation of a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry "so that the due responsibilities can be fully established" regarding the failures of the SIEM, a system that integrates a set of entities that cooperate to provide assistance to victims of accidents or sudden illnesses, namely the PSP, GNR, firefighters, Portuguese Red Cross, INEM and hospitals and health centers.