AVONDE Association receives municipal support to safeguard and publicize Vila do Bispo’s heritage

Vila do Bispo Chamber will provide financial support for the implementation of several projects

Ensuring the documentation, safeguarding and valorization of local cultural heritage, but also the implementation of initiatives, is the objective of the cooperation protocol signed at the end of May between the Chamber of Vila do Bispo and AVONDE – Associação Cultural.

This agreement “aims to develop a set of cultural, artistic and educational initiatives, which allow, like other actions developed in 2022 and 2023, to document, safeguard and enhance Local Cultural Heritage, namely intangible, traditional and ethnographic, as well as carrying out projects that promote artistic training, expression and dissemination among the local community», according to the Vila do Bispo Chamber.

The municipality has committed to providing financial support of 20 thousand euros to AVONDE and, in return, this association will develop the projects “Gentes do Cabo III”, “Massa III – Oficina de Doce Fino”, “Sessão de Cinema” and “Teachers of the Village”.

The first project refers to the making of a documentary film, «this time on the theme of shellfish farming and barnacle catchers in Vila do Bispo, considering the historical significance, traditional relevance and economic importance of this activity so characteristic of the Coast Vincentina».

Regarding the project, “Massa III – Oficina de Doce Fino”, AVONDE will have to hold a workshop on fine sweets that should involve the senior community in sharing ancestral knowledge, contributing to its continuity and transmission to present and future generations .

The holding of the “Cinema Session” dedicated to the municipality’s senior community is another of the activities foreseen in this protocol.

The “Mestras da Vila” project “encompasses research, survey and visual documentary recording on traditional activities linked to the area of ​​manual crochet, embroidery and lace work developed by the community of artisans in the municipality, aiming to gather testimonies about the respective processes, techniques, gestures, raw materials, tools, stories and memories».