Lagos Municipal Assembly debates Strategic Plan for Youth

Session has an extensive agenda

The Municipal Assembly of Lagos meets in Ordinary Session on June 24th, at 20:30 pm, in the Auditorium of the XNUMXst Century Town Hall Building, in that city.

From the extensive agenda of this session, highlights include the consideration and voting on the proposal for the Strategic Plan for Youth 2024-2027 and also the proposal for exemption from payment of fees, for the issuance of licenses for the installation and operation of the itinerant venue and special license Circus Dallas noise.

During the period on the agenda, the Consolidated Accounting Documents and Consolidated Management Report referring to the 2023 economic year of the Municipality of Lagos will also be assessed and voted on, as well as the proposal to change the draft of the purchase and sale deed of two rustic buildings that make up the Marina Park 2 development.

After written information from the Mayor about the Municipality's activity, the proposed renewal agreement for the Program Contract established between the Municipality and the municipal company Lagos-em-Forma – Gestão Desportiva will be assessed and voted on.

Citizens who wish to intervene at the beginning of the session, to ask for clarification on matters related to the Municipality, can do so succinctly. Each intervention must not exceed 5 minutes.

The work of this Session can be followed on the internet at Lagos Municipal Assembly website.

To find out the entire Agenda for this AM session click here to see the notice in full.