António Pina admits interest, but is not (yet) a PS candidate for the Chamber of Deputies. Faro

The current president of the Chamber says he is receiving appeals from various quarters to run for office in Faro

António Miguel Pina admitted to the Sul Informação who would like to be a PS candidate for the Chamber of Faro, in 2025, but refuses to accept this candidacy, at least for now.

The current mayor of Olhão says that he is receiving “appeals from many people in civil society in Faro and many comrades from the Socialist Party», with the aim of running for the Farense Chamber, in 2025.

«This issue exists. The first people who approached me with this topic were from Faro. There are even people I don't know who approach me, challenging me", she reinforced.

«There will be elections in the [PS] councils on the 5th and 6th of July and after that we will see», he added.

What is certain is that he admits that this is a candidacy for Faro, in 2025 – he is reaching the limit of consecutive terms in Olhão – is something that attracts him and that «would be a very interesting challenge».

Asked if this is what he sees in his future, the still mayor of Olhão simply says: “probably…”.



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