Cheer up, even close to the EN1, the “pilgrims” are “welcomed”!

In the garden championship, a Portuguese-American duo won

T4: E2 – Águeda>>White

I'm getting into routines, and one of them is waking up around five in the morning, getting ready and at six, six or so I'm walking. I thought I was the first, but what's the surprise when, in front of me, there was an (even) early riser pilgrim. I've been told that the record is a match at two in the morning...

According to the scripts, this was all about to go wrong. And, in the first part, it was like that. Even the landscape had some abandoned buildings that looked like something out of a horror movie. But, in one of them, there was a tile panel dedicated to Camões. Not on purpose, remembering the holiday on the 10th.



It was a lot of tar, a lot of roads, a lot of EN1, current IC2. The Vouga crossing, in Lamas do Vouga, is done via a very high viaduct, with huge trucks passing by, which is not very pleasant.


When I thought there would be a calmer route, it turned out that they had cut the EN1 and the detour would follow me for a few more kilometers. It was very dangerous and required a lot of care, as this alternative had practically no shoulders. I had to go into the ditch, with one eye on the trucks and the other on the escape routes, it was very tense.

There were times when I simply pulled over and waited for them to pass by. The road, formerly Estrada Real, was so narrow that even cars were uncomfortable.

Fortunately, for the most part, when they saw me, drivers tried to shrink their cars.



Meanwhile, I had three things in mind: finding a place for breakfast, a post office to send two letters with congratulations to my twin friends who are celebrating their birthday today and a stamp for the credential.

And it's not like, leaving the ill-fated detour, in Serém de Cima, I come across a mailbox, a pastry shop with a sign “pilgrims welcomed” and, logically, they had a stamp.

It was a family bakery, where everyone knew each other. When I ordered, the waitress spoke in English and when I said she could speak Portuguese, they responded from a table that she was Indian. Okay, they had a great looking cake and they gave me a huge slice.



Then a yellow arrow appeared with the word “cheer up” and things really got better. In the garden championship, a Portuguese-American duo won, a Our Lady of Fátima and a Statue of Liberty. The lady at the stationery store in Albergaria-a-Velha gave me some valuable directions, as there were no yellow arrows and the application that showed the way was confusing.

When I arrived at Albergaria-a-Nova, the map indicated that there was a reading booth nearby, which is a telephone booth transformed into a library with free books. As I had taken a book from Bookcrossing, I couldn’t resist and off I went.

Although, in this part of the stage, all the distances seem long, I went to a pleasant green space belonging to the Branca youth association, JOBRA, a school dedicated to the performing arts, theater, music and acting. And the classes, training or whatever they were rehearsing took place outside. It was cool to see those young people exercising, hanging from trees and jumping over benches.



A few more kilometers and I arrive at my destination, Albergue Casa Católico, where I am very well received by Paulo. When he told me I could do the laundry, that's exactly what I did.

And today, at the expense of the detour because of the cabin, it was 27 kilometers.

I already forgot: the spray is uncomfortable, annoying, but it doesn't stop you from walking...



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