Algarve will have the first local health system in the country that unites public, private and social sectors

According to the Minister of Health, who also assures that the Central Hospital is moving forward

The Algarve will have the first local health system in the country, which will unite the public, social and private sectors, announced yesterday, the 12th, Ana Paula Martins, Minister of Health, at the Health Commission of the Assembly of the Republic.

On the same occasion, the minister assured that the process of the new Algarve Central Hospital is progressing.

With regard to the local health system to be created in the Algarve, «it will encompass all municipalities in the region and will establish a joint relationship and articulation of resources between the public, social and private systems in order to optimize the health care provided and combat the chronic bottlenecks that the region faces in this area», according to PSD Algarve.

«The Algarve is a different region, so it has to be treated differently. That's why we're going to have the country's first local health system in the region. And that's why Mr. Prime Minister will clarify the issue of the timeline for the advancement of the Algarve Central Hospital», said Ana Paula Martins, after being questioned by PSD deputies.

The current Government has already assumed, moreover, that it would move forward with the new hospital and «that the proposal under study is that of a public-private partnership that will include management».



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