Al-Bio promotes public session “Improvements in Water Efficiency” in Tavira

There will be presentations, round table and demonstration action

Making known «alternatives, advances and possibilities for water efficiency in agriculture» is one of the objectives of the event “Improvements in Water Efficiency”, taking place on the morning of Saturday, June 22nd, in the auditorium of the Association of Beneficiaries of the Perimeter Sotavento Algarvio Irrigation Plant, in Tavira.

«We will explore efficient and intelligent systems, technologies, water circularity and regenerative practices for greater water efficiency» highlights the Al-Bio Association – Algarve Agroecological Association, which promotes the initiative.

This public session features the intervention of experts Pedro Rocha (Efficient and intelligent irrigation systems), Rui Faria (Reuse of wastewater) and Ricardo Leitão (Regenerative agriculture and promotion of increased water retention in the soil).

Macário Correia (Association of Beneficiaries of the Sotavento Algarvio Irrigation Perimeter) and Duarte Reis (ViraBio) will also join the panel of stakeholders who will take part in a round table around the theme “Present and Future of Water Efficiency: Opportunities and Challenges in the Mediterranean Context”, which will be moderated by Manuela Moreira da Silva (coordinating professor at the Higher Institute of Engineering of the University of Algarve, director of the Master's Degree in Urban Water Cycle, researcher at the CIMA Marine and Environmental Research Center – ARNET – Aquatic Research Network).



The event also offers, in the afternoon, a visit to Quinta ViraBio, recognized for its sustainable agricultural practices.

Thus, Pedro Rocha and Duarte Reis will guide a demonstrative visit to the ViraBio Farm, in the Asseca area, Tavira, a 10-hectare citrus farm converted to organic farming, where regenerative practices will be observed and the deep roots irrigation system will be demonstrated.

Therefore, Al-Bio's challenge is: «Join us to learn about the solutions that are shaping the future of agriculture, promoting the conservation of water resources and driving sustainability».

Those interested in participating in the session can Sign up by clicking here.


Improvements in Water Efficiency

Morning session location: ABPRSA Auditorium – Association of Beneficiaries of the Sotavento Algarve Irrigation Perimeter, Tavira
Afternoon session location: VIRABIO, Sítio da Asseca, Cci 365-x, Tavira

Date: June 22nd
Opening hours: 09h30 - 17h30

09h30 | Opening of the morning session
Location: Association of Beneficiaries of the Sotavento Algarve Irrigation Perimeter

Inês Mesquita, President of the Al-Bio Association
Sónia Pires, Councilor of Tavira City Council

09h45 | Intervention Panel:

Pedro Rocha – Efficient and intelligent systems
Rui Faria – Reuse of wastewater
Ricardo Leitão – Regenerative agriculture and water retention in the soil

11:05 | Round table:

Theme: Present and future of water efficiency: Opportunities and challenges in the Mediterranean context

Manuela Moreira da Silva, coordinating professor at the Instituto Superior de Engenharia at the University of Algarve, director of the Master's Degree in Urban Water Cycle, Researcher at the Marine and Environmental Research Center CIMA – ARNET (Aquatic Research Network)


Pedro Rocha (The Fifth Element), Rui Faria (Independent consultant), Ricardo Leitão (Center for Functional Ecology – University of Coimbra), Duarte Reis (ViraBio), Macário Correia (ABPRSA)

12:15 pm | Audience Interventions:

Period of questions and answers from the public to the panelists and guests

12:40 pm | Closing of the morning session:

Macário Correia – Association of Beneficiaries of the Sotavento Algarve Irrigation Perimeter

13:00 pm | Lunch:

Socializing and lunch – Restaurant

15pm – 00pm | Demonstration visit to the ViraBio organic farm:
Location: Quinta VIRABIO (Asseca, Tavira)

Regenerative practices on a 10ha farm converted to organic farming;
System deep roots irrigation system

Pedro Rocha and Duarte Reis\

Al-Bio – Algarve Agroecological Association

Association of Beneficiaries of the Sotavento Algarve Irrigation Perimeter

Tavira City Council