5th Xis Gala will be «A Horror Show» at Teatro Lethes

Event “celebrates diversity, inclusion, equality, human rights, and the LGBTI and general communities”

Galas Xis file photo

The 5th Gala Xis, a transformation show that seeks to promote equality and inclusion through art and spectacle, is scheduled for Saturday, June 15th, at 21pm, at Teatro Lethes, in Faro, with the theme “A Horror of a Spectacle”.

The 5th Xis Gala, organized by MAPS and Xis, promises an unforgettable night, where fear and fun intertwine in the veil that separates the worlds.

This event, «already consolidated as a landmark in Algarve society, not only offers high quality entertainment, but also celebrates diversity, inclusion, equality, human rights, and LGBTI communities in general», explains the organization.

This year's solidarity show will feature the participation of well-known transformation artists, including Linda Xenon, Melanie Nova, Marlene, Carina del Monte, Kuna Karvel, Laysa Star, Shantall de Cuba, Bebeh Renée and Cindy Winks.

«These talented performers will bring to the stage all the fright, shine, glamorous and artistic excellence that make transformismo a unique and powerful art form», adds the organization.

Therefore, MAPS and Xis invite “everyone to join us in this vibrant and impactful celebration, where horror and beauty meet to promote a message of inclusion and equality. Come and share with us an unforgettable night of spectacle, as we continue to fight for a fairer and more equal world for all».