Former school in Barranco da Vaca receives «Fio» exhibition

It is an installation and performance in the landscape

The exhibition “Fio”, an installation/performance in the landscape, will be opened next Saturday, June 29th, at 17pm, at the former Primary School of Barranco da Vaca, in Aljezur, in an initiative by Tertúlia – Associação Sócio-Cultural de Aljezur .

This is an installation and performance in the landscape that will present the drawings, other pieces and the creative process of the “Fio” artistic residencies.

«These artistic design residencies, in which other areas of creative expression were intertwined, provided an immersive process where participants explored the freedom of creation and experimentation. The resulting works convey the stories and memories shared during these three workshops of experimentation and artistic creation, each lasting three days», explains Tertúlia.

In the workshops, participants «explored the interconnection between the lines of drawing with theater, textiles and the voice and stories that echo from the past and present», adds the association.

«Through art, they were invited to reflect on our impact, on regeneration and our relationship with what surrounds us, with the self, us and nature. They immersed themselves in the webs of creativity, where different forms of expression converge to unravel the mystery of connections, collaboration, introspection and externalization».

“The Thread” was the guiding element that created an invisible link, connecting these different areas of expression with Drawing, as well as the artists and participants.

In addition to the work exhibition, there will be a multimedia projection of the creative process, with image and video recordings captured during the workshops.