Several generations of Loulé residents celebrated at “Bora Lá ao Parque”

on May 11th

Activities designed for various audiences gave life to “Bora Lá ao Parque”, an “intergenerational meeting” that the Loulé Municipal Park hosted on the 11th, as part of the Municipality Week celebrations.

The event was attended by around 800 participants, who “enjoyed activities dedicated to young people, families and the community, with cultural, sporting, pedagogical, entertainment, well-being and health, environment” proposals, promoted at various points of the park, according to Loulé City Council.

At 9:30 am, the Loulé Senior University Walk took place, welcomed with a moment of stretching. Two musical moments followed at 10am, the first with the interpretation of the Anthem of the Educating Cities by the Children's Choir of Loulé, Grupo Coral Sénior de Quarteira and Coro Sénior do Projeto ASAS – Aldeia dos Saberes e dos Afetos de Alte and the second with the Accordion Quartet of the Loulé Conservatory of Music “Prof. Francisco Rosado.”

Throughout the day, it was also possible to see the exhibition entitled “Culture, source of creation and learning in the Educating City”, which “brought together pieces and artistic works from School Groups and Non-Group Schools and Private Social Solidarity Institutions in the municipality of Loulé, as part of the celebration of the International Day of the Educating City (30 November)».

Entertainment provided by TAL & Clube d' Cordas – Poesia e Música and an Intergenerational Sunset, where partners gathered for a moment of conviviality, completed the program.

“Bora Lá ao Parque” «is an excellent space for an intergenerational meeting and proximity between generations as a formula for peaceful coexistence and sharing of knowledge between groups of people of different age groups, in a logic of strengthening ties between the community, second, the principles of the Charter of Educating Cities».

Partner entities from Loulé Cidade Educadora participate in this party, namely Casa da Primeira Infância, Espaço K, Casa da Cultura de Loulé, Rugby Clube de Loulé, Associação Artística Satori, Escola Secundária de Loulé, Fundação António Aleixo (Projeto Caminhos), Centro of Animation and Community Support of Alte, UCC Gentes de Loulé, EPALTE Escola Profissional Cândido Guerreiro, Conservatório de Música de Loulé – Francisco Rosado, Universidade Sénior de Loulé, 8100 Café, GNR Loulé, CPCJ de Loulé, Jardim de Infância Nova Terra and Câmara Loulé Municipal Council.


Photos: Loulé Chamber