They used fake prescriptions to try to buy medicine from pharmacies to make “recreational drugs”.

They tried to buy medication whose main active ingredient is an opioid and is used to make recreational drugs.

Two men aged 22 and 23, due to strong suspicions of committing a crime of document forgery, were arrested on Saturday, in flagrante delicto, by the Portimão Criminal Investigation Department of the Judiciary Police.

According to the PJ, between the 23rd and 25th of May, «the suspects sought, in several pharmacies located in Portimão and Quarteira, to obtain illicitly, with the knowledge that they were using false prescriptions, a medicine whose sale is only permitted through doctor's prescription".

«The medicine in question has as its main active ingredient codeine, a drug from the opioid group with analgesic effects, which causes dependence if consumed regularly», adds the Judiciary.

The medicine is used «to produce an extremely toxic drink known as “purple drank”, a recreational drug, whose value in illicit markets makes its production and sale attractive».

The detainees will be present for the first judicial interrogation to apply coercive measures.

The investigation is led by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Portimão, and also has drug trafficking as its motive.