Terras do Infante and hunters unite in forest management against fires

The project has a total investment of 70 thousand euros

The Terras do Infante Association of Municipalities and nine Hunting Associations/Clubs came together to manage forests against fires, around 240 hectares of forestry spaces, plus more than 56 kilometers of conservation and improvement of forestry/rural paths and firebreaks.

According to Terras do Infante, «hunting associations/clubs are proximity managers of large areas of rural territories as part of their hunting management activities, having specific knowledge both of the territory and in direct contact with the owners, facts that make all this public utility work faster and more effective».

This year, the partner entities in these program contracts are the Fome Aguda Hunters Association, the Carvalhinho and Rochedom Hunters Association, the Atalaia Hunting Association, the S. Gonçalo Hunting and Fishing Association, the Moinho do Coreino Hunting and Fishing Club , the Lagoa Sobrosa Hunting and Fishing Club, the Aljezur Municipality Hunting and Fishing Club, the Vila do Bispo Municipality Hunting and Fishing Club and the Cultural and Recreational Club “Os Amigos da Carrapateira”.

Terras do Infante also highlights that «these program contracts have demonstrably allowed the conciliation of these interventions with the various work on feeding grounds for hunting species, and complement and maintain other various interventions carried out by Terras do Infante – Association of Municipalities and respective municipalities, either through the use of Sapadores Florestais, the respective municipal services or by hiring external services to carry out forestry preventive to rural fires».

In addition, discontinuities will be created in existing vegetable fuels in strategic locations, validated by the Civil Protection structures of Aljezur, Lagos and Vila do Bispo, based on Rural Fire Hazard Mapping and assessment of fuel load and continuity, side strips will be installed safety of rural paths and improvement of road circulation platforms and firebreaks.

The total investment is 70 thousand euros.