Symposium in Beja will have a full cybercrime exercise considered unprecedented

The 14th SimSic will take place in the IPBeja common services building

A comprehensive cybercrime exercise considered unprecedented will take place, on Thursday, in Beja, as part of a symposium on computer security, simulating in a "real environment" the detention of a hacker in a “flagrant crime”, it was revealed today.

The “Casa do Crime” initiative will take place during the 14th edition of SimSic – Computer Security and Cybercrime Symposium, organized by the UbiNet Laboratory of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja (IPBeja), on Wednesday and Thursday, in that Alentejo city .

«The purpose of this exercise lies in what is our genesis and in what we were innovative in Portugal, which is to teach how to attack to give more awareness of defense», Rui Silva, from UbiNet, explained today to the Lusa agency.

According to this teacher, «for four or five years», within the scope of SimSic, the “House of Crime” has been carried out, that is, «an incident response and forensic analysis exercise».

«It is an exercise that is already consolidated, but it is an exercise in the final stages of cybercrime», he said.

This year, the exercise "will be different", simulating "all phases of the cybercrime process", from preparatory actions to penetration testing, incident response and evidence collection at the crime scene, respecting the entire chain of custody, and, finally, digital forensics.

The first phase of the exercise is scheduled for Thursday, with a simulation “in a real environment”, where the six participating teams will have to surprise a pseudohacker in a “flagrant crime”, isolate the individual and collect evidence at the scene of the crime, always respecting the chain of custody.

The teams will be observed and evaluated by IPBeja teachers and former Judiciary Police inspectors with experience in similar real situations.

In the second phase of the exercise, which takes place over three weeks, penetration tests will take place, where participating teams will attack a set of equipment in various scenarios, and a forensic analysis challenge for one of the attacked equipment.

In both phases, the initiative will count on the collaboration of three of the largest companies in the world in the area of ​​cybersecurity: CheckPoint, Palo Alto and Fortinet.

According to Rui Silva, this exercise meets the objective of the master's degree in Computer Security Engineering at IPBeja, launched in 2011 and which aims to «teach how to attack systems, so that people are aware of how to defend themselves».

«Learning security policies, processes, technologies and architectures is useless if we don't know how the acts are carried out», he explained.

The 14th SimSic will take place in the IPBeja common services building and its theme is “Artificial Intelligence and CyberIntelligence”.

The symposium program, organized by IPBeja's UbiNet Laboratory, also includes lectures with several Portuguese and foreign experts, workshops, challenges, the launch of the Alentejo Cybersecurity Skills Center and a wine tasting.