Gastroenterology Service of the Hospital de Faro has a new special exam room

First procedure was performed today

The Gastroenterology Service of the Algarve Local Health Unit (ULSALG) has a new special exam room at the Algarve Hospital Unit. Faro, having carried out the first procedure with fluoroscopy support today. 

«This involves the adaptation of one of the endoscopy rooms in the technical unit that allows the performance of procedures that require fluoroscopy and anesthesiology support, namely ERCPs (advanced endoscopic technique of the pancreas and bile ducts) and the placement of prostheses in the digestive tract", says ULSALG in a note.

«This improvement will allow the gastroenterology service to be autonomous in carrying out these techniques, eliminating the need for the clinical team and equipment to travel to the radiology service's angiography room or the operating room», they continue.



«The fact that we do not have to move the team and all the equipment and accessories to the radiology service or to the central block means that we can optimize exam periods by increasing the offer. Thus, patients benefit from faster access to procedures, with the same quality of care», says Bruno Peixe, director of the service.

The room is equipped with a C-Arm and all the endoscopic equipment necessary to carry out the intended procedures.

The adaptation works and the acquisition of Rx equipment are part of the recovery and renovation plan for the ULSALG Operating Rooms to increase available surgical times and thus recover the waiting list.