Six detained in Brazil on suspicion of bank phishing in the Algarve

The investigation began in 2022

Six people were arrested this Tuesday, May 28, in Brazil for belonging to an international criminal network, suspected of embezzling around 1 million euros, through Phishing Bank officer. The investigation had the collaboration of the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DIAP) of Faro.

According to the Judiciary Police, «during the “Vera Cruz” operation, six suspects were arrested, presumed perpetrators of money laundering, and 21 searches were carried out in around five Brazilian states».

The investigation began in 2022, following several criminal complaints that pointed to a massive campaign of Phishing bank that caused around 120 victims.

This investigation was conducted by the PJ in collaboration with the DIAP of Faro, culminating in an operation, already this year, which allowed the arrest of eight other suspects.

Based on the analysis of the financial flow, it was possible to notice that a large part of the money was sent to Brazil, to citizens living in that country.