Saúde Mental 360º Algarve promotes session on effective use of emergency services

In Olhão

“Emergency services: when and how to use them, so as not to overload!” is the motto of the next information session of the 360º Algarve Mental Health Project, promoted by Plataforma Saúde em Diálogo, which will take place on May 24th, at 14pm, in the auditorium of the Municipal Library of Olhão. 

«The overload of emergency services has been widely debated in recent times. Despite some contingency measures, the consequences of this scenario translate into long hours of waiting for users and severely impact the response capacity of health units, putting into question the care of truly urgent situations», says the organization.

The session will be led by Rita Sequeira, specialist nurse at the Algarve Local Health Unit, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of reducing inappropriate or avoidable use of hospital emergency services and presenting safe and quality alternatives.

«This initiative responds to the need of our users and the general population to know how to rationally use emergency services. It is increasingly important to invest in health literacy and in empowering people to navigate the health system and make their health decisions responsibly", says Ricardo Valente Santos, psychologist and manager of the Saúde Mental 360º Algarve project.

«All of this contributes to improving the quality of life of citizens and the sustainability of the health system», he concludes.