SNS psychologists have been stagnant in their career for 17 years and are asking for intervention from the order

The president also wants the Government to implement the implementation with «equity throughout the national territory»

More than 200 psychologists from the National Health Service (SNS) asked the order to intervene due to the “general discouragement” they find themselves in due to career stagnation, with many in the same professional category for around 17 years.

In a letter sent to the President of the Order, to which the Lusa agency had access today, this group of psychologists claims that their professional situation “presents numerous insufficiencies” due to the lack of open competitions, also having an effect on the stagnation of their salaries.

At issue is the career of senior health technician (CTSS), which includes clinical psychologists who work in primary health care, public hospitals and addiction services and which is divided into four categories: assistant, main assistant, advisor and senior advisor.

«The stagnation of these professionals, mostly at the CTSS base, in the assistant category, has contributed to general discouragement and a feeling of injustice, given the specialized training and investment of employees, highlighting that a large number of these psychologists are in the same category for approximately 17 years», warns the letter.

These clinical psychology specialists, who consider themselves «absolutely forgotten by successive governments and health ministers», also claim that a «large number of those who entered a specialty internship 21 years ago are still, since 2007, at the base of their career, in the category of assistants», in addition to other professionals being in the second and third categories «for over a decade and a half, without progression in the CTSS».

Following the letter sent appealing for the intervention of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists (OPP), president Francisco Miranda Rodrigues met with the psychologists and, subsequently, sent a letter on Tuesday to the Minister of Health in which he asked her to resolve "with urgency” several issues.

Among these issues are the beginning of negotiations with the unions to review the career of senior health technicians for psychologists, greater dignification and appreciation of the work of psychologists in the SNS, the dynamization of the career in order to guarantee recognition, through progression and development of the same, and the connection of psychologists hired by so-called “covid contracts”.

The president also wants the Government to implement the decree-law on the single degree with «equity throughout the national territory» and to respond «to the specific needs and doubts of current interns in the TSS career branch of clinical and health psychology» .

«We had the opportunity to meet with these psychologists, on May 17th, where we welcomed the concerns of these professionals, which, in fact, are ours, particularly with regard to the connection of experienced and very specialized professionals», says the president, who expressed the order's availability to, "to the extent of its responsibilities, collaborate in resolving this problem."