“One Health 4 Cities” project brings Spanish and Romanians to Loulé

At the end of October, Loulé and Suceava will be in Benissa, while, in May, it will be the city of Suceava's turn to host the third “Cluster Meeting”

Spanish and Romanian representatives from the URBACT “One Health 4 Cities” project were, from the 21st to the 23rd of May, in Loulé, at a meeting that focused on issues of active aging. 

These were three intense days, including meetings, presentations by local partners and visits.

In the work agenda, the groups had the opportunity to present their cities and the vision they have to make them “healthier”. But it was also through contact with local partners that the Benissa and Suceava teams were able to understand the work being carried out in Loulé.

The program began with a meeting with the president of the Chamber Vítor Aleixo, who, in addition to welcoming the groups from both countries, highlighted the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge in the work carried out in the field of active aging.

At the Tennis Club headquarters, the initiatives that this sports association develops in the community were presented, from work with schools to the involvement of the senior population.

Pedro Castelo-Branco, from ABC – Algarve Biomedical Center, another partner in this network, presented the many projects linked to a policy of promoting an active and healthy life in the community.

From the Municipal Network of Defibrillators, to the Surgical Simulation and Training Center, including the Genetics Laboratory which is in the implementation phase, the Exercise Program for Osteoarticular and Cardiac Rehabilitation, the ALFA Score program or the projects to create two buildings , – the Health and Research Center, in Loulé, and the Active Life Center, in Vilamoura -, are part of an important partnership between the ABC and the Municipality, which received praise from the delegations from Spain and Romania.

In Quarteira, the Academia do Saber also joined this “Cluster Meeting”, showing the good practices it develops within the scope of the “Quarteira Longevity with Quality” Program.

It is a space that aims to provide citizens of the parish, aged 50 and over, with opportunities for new learning, sharing of knowledge, experiences, motivations and affections.

«In just 8 or 10 years, Loulé is doing an impressive job! There are many things we have to learn from you. This was a very inspiring visit and we hope to be able to replicate much of what we saw here in our municipality», said Laura Morar, from the Suceava team.

As for the Spanish delegation, Jorge Ivars assured that it was a “grateful experience”.

«We took good ideas from Loulé. We are a small municipality and there are things that we cannot adapt because we do not have the capacity or infrastructure to do so. We saw that you have a great capacity to mobilize elderly people in different activities and also organize and bring together volunteers in many initiatives for people, in all areas, and this is one of the ideas that we will copy», he said.

By way of summary, Tiago Guadalupe, coordinator of the Loulé part of the URBACT “One Health 4 Cities” project, emphasized the feeling of “mission accomplished”.

«The objective was for there to be this exchange of experiences, of good practices, of showing everything we do in the municipality of Loulé related to active aging», he stated.

At the end of October, Loulé and Suceava will be in Benissa, while, in May, it will be the city of Suceava's turn to host the third “Cluster Meeting”.