Preventive arrest for man suspected of vehicle theft in Lagos and Portimão

The man had been arrested last Thursday, the 16th.

A 45-year-old man, suspected of stealing cars and using the victims' bank cards to make purchases or withdraw money, in the municipalities of Lagos and Portimão, was placed in preventive detention, announced this Monday, May 20th. 

The man had been arrested on Thursday, the 16th, as part of an investigation into theft, which occurred on the 1st of May, in Vila da Luz (Lagos).

The Guard military carried out investigative measures that culminated in the location and identification of the suspect, verifying that, "in addition to stealing items from the vehicles, the suspect used the victims' bank cards to make purchases or withdraw money", says the GNR.

In total, 254 euros in cash, a gold thread, two cell phones, two watches, a vacuum cleaner, four pepper sprays, a machete and several articles of clothing were seized.

Furthermore, a vehicle used by the suspect was recovered, and it was possible to confirm that it had been stolen a few weeks earlier in Praia da Luz.

This action was reinforced by military personnel from the Portimão Territorial Post.