President João Rodrigues heads single list for elections in Farense

Cristóvão Norte and José Alberto Pereira are re-candidates for presidents of the General Assembly and the Supervisory Board, respectively

Businessman João Rodrigues, who has presided over Farense since 2018, heads the single candidate list for the governing bodies of the I League football club in the early elections scheduled for Friday.

One year after being elected for a four-year term, the leader of the Algarve club decided to resign, a decision supported by the other directors, but he will re-apply for the position.

João Rodrigues explained to the Lusa agency that this moment serves «to issue a warning to fans» that Farense continues «in a very difficult situation» and «motivate their reflection» on «very important issues» for the future of the emblem.

The leader recalled that, this year, Farense's pavilion and headquarters building were seized, due to an old debt to Halcon Viagens, and were for sale at public auction, which was suspended after Farense submitted a request for a Special Process for Agreement (PEAP), with a total value of approximately seven million euros.

«We want to reach an agreement with all creditors, a large part of them with debts dating back 20 or 30 years. We have been reducing our debt in recent years, we have paid the amounts related to the Special Revitalization Processes without a single failure, but this is an important situation, which should worry our already more than 7.500 members», highlighted João Rodrigues.

The president of Farense also highlighted that the emblem's pavilion is «an infrastructure with operational difficulties», which is already 40 years old and requires urgent interventions.

Cristóvão Norte and José Alberto Pereira are re-candidates for presidents of the General Assembly and the Supervisory Board, respectively.

Natural of Faro, João Rodrigues, 62 years old, emigrated as a child, with his family, to South Africa, where years later he began his business life.

He became a shareholder in SAD do Farense during the presidency of António Barão and, in 2016, after the Algarve club's descent into the Campeonato de Portugal, at the time the third tier of Portuguese football, he acquired the majority of shares and was elected president of SAD .

Two years later, in 2018, he also assumed the presidency of the club, succeeding António Correia, having been re-elected for the first time in 2021 and again in 2023.

Under his leadership, Farense rose to the I Liga in 2020, after an absence of 18 years, and descended a year later, having achieved their second promotion to the top flight a year ago, where they will continue in the 2024/25 season.