Silves swimming pools host exhibition “The Art of Swimming”

Exhibition will be open until June 16th

“The Art of Swimming” is the motto of the exhibition, made up of 25 panels, which will be on display at the Silves Municipal Swimming Pools complex until the 16th of June as a way of marking the 21st anniversary of the sports facilities.

This is a traveling exhibition, promoted by the Municipality of Silves, which is part of the “Museu Fora de
Portas”, promoted by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth (IPDJ) through the National Sports Museum (MND), depicts, in broad strokes, the evolution of swimming techniques from the 19th century to the present.

Divided into four distinct sections, the exhibition highlights the importance and different uses of swimming over time, demonstrating that «swimming is not innate in human beings and requires technique and art for safe, efficient and fast movement in the water».

«With passage through different eras, progress can be observed in the use of the act of swimming, which initially only focused on the regenerative effect of water, followed by the teaching of floating techniques as a way of guaranteeing safety and reducing the danger of drowning and, finally, in the 19th century, its application became recreational and sporting competition", says the municipality of Silves.

With free entry, the exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 21:00 pm and Saturday between 8:00 am and 14:00 pm.