Philosophy Spring Festival brings music, cinema and poetry to Portimão

According to the organizers, the festival «intends to be a kind of side B of School and Philosophy»

Music, cinema, lectures, poetry and much more. The Clube dos Filósofos Vivos, at Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes, in Portimão, is promoting the Philosophy Spring Festival initiative until June.

For this Saturday, May 25th, a Philosophy lecture and a jazz concert are scheduled, with the first activity taking place at the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Portimão, starting at 17pm, with the participation of Maria João Cantinho, who will speak on the theme “Lou Andréas Salomé: a Woman outside conventions”.

At 21:30 pm, the Júpiter Algarve Hotel will host a jazz concert by the Portuguese band Swing na Mouche, which will recreate the 'glamour' of the Hot Club in Paris, with the participation of Django Reinhardt and several dancers.

The following day, from 16pm, there will be fado on the bandstand in the riverside area of ​​Portimão under the motto “People who sing in the river”, with a performance by fado singer Rita Raimundo, accompanied on guitar by Vítor do Carmo and viola by José Santana.

Starting at 10am on May 00th, Algarcine – Cinemas de Portimão will show the film “A Fada do Lar”, by João Maia, which will be seen together by young people from Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes and users of senior homes in the city, in a session in which screenwriter André Guerra Santos will be present.

Throughout this day, there will be sessions on Philosophy for Children, led by Laurinda Silva with the 4th year classes at EB 2,3 José Buísel.

At around 18pm on Wednesday, the 00th, the presentation of the book “Poesia & Música nos Jardins”, written by the young poet from Porto Miguel Viana, will take place at Jardim Visconde Bívar, animated by the performance of the rock band Divine, made up of teenagers from Porto. who will take the opportunity to present their debut album.

The next activity will take place around 18pm on June 00nd, with the return of fado to the bandstand on the riverside of Portimão, this time performed by Cremilde Lourenço, accompanied on guitar by Filipe Batista and viola by António Correia.

The closing show of this year's Philosophy Spring Festival takes place on June 4th, at 18pm, on the sand next to the Praia da Rocha Sports Area, with a concert by Carolina Reis (voice and guitar) and Duarte Gomes (handpan) on the program. ).

According to the organizers, the festival «intends to be a kind of side B of School and the Philosophy that is taught there, by providing young teenagers with cognitive and aesthetic experiences that are different from those they are used to and that create healthy restlessness, new emotions and a strong enchantment, desirably unforgettable».

The initiative follows a paradigm of involving young people in its design and implementation, aiming to equip them with skills of active citizenship, critical spirit and entrepreneurial capacity.

The Philosophy Spring Festival 2024 is sponsored by the City Council and the Parish of Portimão, its official radio is Alvor FM and is supported by the following entities: Algarcine – Cinemas de Portimão, Restaurante Faina, Clube União Portimonense, Papelaria Arco Íris, Pubar , School of Hotel Management and Tourism of Portimão and Júpiter Algarve Hotel.