New Municipal Political Commission of the PSD of Portimão elected with 92% of the votes

Alexandra Evangelista is the president

The new municipal Political Commission of the PSD of Portimão, chaired by Alexandra Evangelista, was elected with 92% of the votes this Saturday, May 25th. 

This was a mid-term election, resulting from the dismissal of the previous Political Commission led by Vítor Couto.

In a note, the elected Political Committee thanks the companions of the previous Political Committee who left office and, particularly, its president Vítor Couto, «for all his commitment to the continuous expansion of the Social Democratic project in the municipality of Portimão, with the municipality continuing to count with its militancy in all its aspects».

Alexandra Evangelista;

Vice Presidents:
Ricardo Viana and Natalino Alves;

João Rosado;

Carmen Esteves;

Ana Fazenda, Carlos Bicheiro, Filipe Correia Pinheiro, Filipe Isidro, Gonçalo Xufre, Ricardo
Lisbon Oliveira.

District Political Committee:
– Ana Carla Abreu.

Financial Audit and Accounts Council:
– Carlos Bicheiros.

District Assembly:
– Carlos Gouveia Martins;
– Ana Fazenda;
– Carmen Esteves.