Health: Minister promises “the necessary additional means” for the Algarve to face the summer

Ana Paula Martins came to Faro learn about the Algarve Local Health Unit's summer care plan

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação

The Algarve health authorities have already prepared a care plan for the summer and today received a guarantee from the Minister of Health that the Government will have the additional means necessary to ensure compliance.

Ana Paula Martins was at the Hospital de Faro to meet with those responsible for the Algarve Local Health Unit (ULS), but also with other leaders, namely the president of the already “condemned” Regional Health Administration, in order to learn about the response that is planned by the region, in this area .

In the end, the governor said she was satisfied with the plan presented to her, despite having little or nothing to say about the content of the document.

He just mentioned that what is foreseen in the ULS plan is to be able to respond to different requests, whether they are “emergency, acute or programmed”, using “the means that it has already managed to activate and some more that we [Government] will try to mobilize in the coming weeks ».

«We had already agreed to hold this meeting to find out where and how the Government, through the Ministry of Health, could activate additional resources for this seasonal period. The main objective of the meeting was to understand what was already planned by local leaders, as well as what, within the existing plan, would have to be added», summarized the minister.

On the part of the minister, the commitment was made to try to arrange what was requested, «namely the possibility of mobilizing teams, doctors, nurses, possibly with a differentiated income», as well as achieving «the collaboration of local authorities, in terms of housing, which , as you know, it is always difficult».

«All these means that depend on us and everything we can do, will be done. We will give this strength to the region», promised Ana Paula Martins.


Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação


Along the way, the minister praised the local leaders of the public health sector who, with their enormous experience and knowledge of the region, thought in a very exemplary way about the coordination of care. Here, this is effectively the case. All steps are being taken at INEM level, in collaboration with civil protection, so that the Algarve can have all the necessary means».

«I want to highlight a phrase that was used there [at the meeting]: In the Algarve, people, especially health leaders, are used to responding to those who are in the Algarve. That's exactly what will happen this year, even though we have already models of mobility and doctors who come from other hospitals, from other regions and referrals that are made», he added.

«This can be improved. (…) One of the areas where the Government can and will have to act is in terms of vacancies in need, to create incentives, not only financial, but also housing or dual employment. There are several things that we have to activate, even in the next program contracts for Local Health Units, to do things differently where things are different,” he said.

As for concrete values ​​or measures, the minister did not want to commit.

What he made a point of doing was leaving «a word of great appreciation for the leaders of the Algarve Local Health Unit, who work with all agents, from INEM to local authorities, because we left here with the absolute conviction that there is a plan ».

Even so, warned Ana Paula Martins, compliance with this plan “is what is required”.

Photos: Hugo Rodrigues | Sul Informação




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